The Avengers

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FAIR WARNING: This blog post contains spoilers of the movie. Read at your own risk.

Today’s blog will be a little different. My topic today does not directly tie into how social media drives trends, however, it is what everyone on the internet is talking about. Last weekend on, the long-awaited movie, Avengers: Endgame, was released last week on April 26th. According to Fox News, the movie broke multiple records on its first weekend. It grossed around $350 million domestically in ticket sales and $1 billion world wide. The last avengers movie grossed around $257 million domestically and this number was exceeded by almost $100 million with the new Avengers. The movie has since had hundreds of memes.

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My friend and I decided to go to the premiere of the movie and were trying hard to avoid getting any spoilers from the internet. Because of this, I have a created three steps you can use to avoid spoilers and get the best experience watching a new hit movie.


Announce on all of your social media that you do not want spoilers. This can be a challenge for people with friends that like to play the “its opposite day” game with you. But fear not, the block button exists for a reason. Just temporarily block the friends that would aim to ruin this experience for you.


Get to the theater at least an hour before the movie starts. My friend and I decided to arrive 30 minutes before the movie showing. This was not a good idea. We ended up getting seats that were near the side. We all know, center seats are the best seats. Extra points if you there are railings in the theater. This means that you get to prop your feet up.


BRING TISSUES. If you are an emotional person or are somehow attached to one of the characters in the film, please bring tissues for yourself. Thanos works hard, but the screenwriters that wrote Tony Stark’s dying scene work harder.

Just follow these steps and you will be set for the next marvel movie premiere!


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Media has rapidly evolved in the past decade. One of the trendiest and most progressive forms of media today is social media. Social media has a strong impact on the way people view things today due to its power to label things as good, bad, or even newsworthy. Social media has fun positive aspects that can influence people when making decisions. First time I heard of the “hit the woah” challenge, I was fascinated and confused. Are people hitting something? Is this a reaction? Is it a dance? With all the trends going on, its hard to keep up with things that are happening on social media. So where did this challenge come from? What is it exactly?

So what is this challenge?

Mashable best explained this challenge. They said that Hit the woah is “when a dancer makes a quick, small circular motion with their fists and leans into a freeze position when the beat drops in a song”. Here is the youtube video of a compilation of this challenge.


So here are some easy steps to do this fun challenge and hopefully go viral.

  1.  Make your video unique.
  2. Stand and face the camera.
  3. Hit the woah.

Repeat these steps and you will be a pro in no time.

Repeat these steps and you will be a pro in no time. The first step is so important because the more creative you are with this challenge, the more views and attention your video will get. This is not only true to this challenge but to also all things that need to succeed. A fresh and unique idea will take you a long way. There are various ways media is used today to communicate with a wide population. This wide population includes customers from different age demographics, needs, and interests. There are different electronic media platforms that we use to communicate, educate, entertain, and inform. Once you know who your target audience is, you can create content that will attract them.

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Conversation is a significant part of media throughout the internet era. Conversation encourages dialogue between different users and it brings different thoughts and opinions to the tale. When people do this challenge, it brings them together and encourages conversation. So what are you waiting for? Hit the Woah!


I have met very few people who do not know what Coachella is. If you are one of these people, that’s okay. This blog post should shed some light on what Coachella is.

The first time I heard about this event was back when I was 14 years old. Photos of my favorite actresses, Vanessa Hudgens, who starred in High School Musical alongside Zach Efron, were all over the blogs and accounts I followed on social media. I became fascinated by the clothes, the fashion, and the culture that was created around Coachella.

Coachella is a music festival that happens every year around the month of April. The festival takes place during a course of two weekends normally from Friday to Sunday. Big stars such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Selena Gomez, and many more are known to perform on this festival which in turn attracts a lot of people to attend. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, the Dolan Twins, and Josh Hutcherson and many more are known to attend this event.

So how does this connect with social media and trends? Every year around this time, photos on social media are full of aesthetic photos and videos taken at Coachella. The general admissions tickets for this event start from $429 to over $5000 depending on what package deal you purchase. So typically, when people see Coachella, they associate it with modern trends, hipster looks, and of course, money. The combination of these things make the festival appealing to a large demographic of people. In addition to that, the photos posted online create a cyber identity for the person that has attended.

CNN Style write an article on “Why All Music Festival Goers Look the Same”. The fashion world has taken note of the similar types of clothing that festival goers wear. CNN interviewed Anupreet Bhui, senior editor for global street style at the trend forecasting agency WGSN. Bhui said, “Fashion and nostalgia have always gone hand in hand, and when it comes to Coachella, it’s that whole romanticism about having a music festival, open in the prairies, with a flower child look. It’s a hippie look mixed with grunge elements. It’s more about the looks than the ideology. Let’s not forget: it’s the Instagram generation.”

Couldn’t have said it better! Thanks Bhui.

“Into the City”

time-lapse photography of cars on road

Imagine walking out in the middle of the night to find pizza places, cafes and restaurants open. Imagine walking down the streets with lights illuminating the sidewalk, people laughing and enjoying their drinks out on the terrace. This was Philadelphia. Today, my blog will be a little different. It will highlight Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

I have always been fascinated by the graffiti that greets you when you drive into Philadelphia. By the old stone buildings that stand with pride as they reflect the rich history of this city. Philadelphia is bigger than Washington D.C., but smaller than New York. In my opinion, it is the perfect city.

Today, I, along with my fellow peers, had the chance to go to the headquarters of Visit Philadelphia. Visit Philly is a designated marketing organization that works as Philadelphia’s official marketing agency. The organization provides tourists information they may need to plan trip to Philadelphia. This information includes food places, hotels, festivals and activities to do in the area. After visiting the organizations, we went to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. Today was the day I became a fan of Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins. As my friend and I were sitting watching the 3 hour long game, we realized how many advertisements we were surrounded by in the stadium. Every screen was displaying something different. From sponsored ads to the Philadelphia Phillies’ stats, to the bright lights shining on the field, the stadium beamed with lights. At this moment, I realized how much the technology had an influence with our everyday life.

In one of my earlier blog posts, I wrote about the power of the hashtag. One of the ways that the organization “Visit Philadelphia” advertises for the city, is by the use of social media. The organization’s call to action is simply for people to visit the city of Philly. The organization uses the angle of “the city of brotherly love” to inspire ideas for marketing the city. Most of the advertising they do is through media and billboard ads. The organization relies on earned media for most of its publicity and legitimacy. In the past, newspapers like ‘The New York Times’ have written articles on why people should visit the city of Philadelphia, and how the city has so much to offer.

How “Cheesy”

Every week I am amazed by the challenges I see online. From the crocks challenge to the triangle challenge, the internet never seems to disappoint. You may be wondering why I titled my blog “How Cheesy”. Is this about cheese? Yes AND no. Here’s why!

This week, I found something both interesting and hilarious. There was a #CheesedChallenge I saw online that started with people throwing pieces of sliced cheese on their dogs. The dogs always reacted confused by the actions of their owners, or simply tried to eat the cheese thrown at them. This evolved into a whole new challenge when people started throwing cheese at babies! Parents from all over started filming their baby’s or siblings reactions to having cheese on their faces!

New York Post said that the challenge began with @unclehxlmes who posted a video of himself throwing a piece of cheese on his baby brother and captioned it, “Just cheesed my lil brother”. The video got millions of views and in no time, other people copied this trend.

The challenge got even bigger when Tik Tok users started doing this challenge on different people. It didn’t matter now whether you threw cheese at a dog or a baby. People were doing this to their parents, siblings and friends.

Once again, we see how powerful social media and a hashtag can be. Users want something to interact and get involved with. Today there are dozens of platforms that are available for people to share thoughts, videos, and challenges. With the increase use of social media, a simple video can create an entire movement and challenge. All you have to do is follow these three steps.

  1. Come up with something unique and creative. If it has already been done before, chances are that people might not be interested.
  2. Make sure that a majority of your audience can easily do this thing. If they can’t do it, they will not want to repost it, unless they are insulting the idea, which is the opposite of what you want.
  3. Post post post! Share this on all your social media platforms and come up with a catchy hashtag to go along with it.

And just like that, your “cheesy” idea might go viral!

The Triangle Challenge

Each day I always wonder what I will see on the internet. What will capture my attention? Am I the only one being drawn to certain news stories? Will something that I watched today be viral tomorrow? The beauty of social media and trends is that all of these questions have different answers depending on when you are interacting with content. Trends are always temporary, which makes everything even more exciting.

Last week I wrote about the Vans Challenge that took over the internet by storm. This week there is a new challenge that has taken over the internet: the triangle dance challenge. I was sitting on my bed with my phone in hand. I was on snapchat watching all the content shared by my friends on their stories. Once I was done with that, my eyes caught a glimpse of this challenge at the bottom of my screen in the “for you” section. I came across a video of three people with their arms locked around each other’s shoulders and each person took turns to jump in the middle. The challenge seemed simple enough, but after only a few seconds of doing this, people seemed to lose their rhythm and stop jumping. A few days later, snapchat had a whole story dedicated to this challenge and several videos were submitted by viewers. The dance became so popular that people started posting videos on other mediums such as YouTube and Instagram. Now there are thousands of videos posted on Instagram alone!

So where did this challenge come from? According to, the earliest record of this challenge was from a TikTok user named Matthew Jones and he, along with his friends did this dance with Keli’s song, Milkshake. The challenge was known as the milkshake challenge up until a few days ago where it was known as the Triangle Challenge or the Triangle Dance Challenge.

Like the Vans Challenge I wrote about last week, the Triangle Challenge involves the audience and invites them to participate and have fun with it. It is always fascinating to see different  trends every week on  the Internet and I am excited to see what I will be writing about next!

Vans: “Off the Wall”

The Hype

About a week ago a friend approached me with their phone showing me an interesting video from Twitter. It was a video of a girl throwing her Vans up in the air, and her shoes would always land facing up. The girl, @Ibelievthehype captioned her video: Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they will land facing up”.

So that went viral??

Moments later, people started joining this thread and posted videos of themselves throwing their own Vans up in the air, and surely enough, they always landed facing up. Hours later, the #VansChallenge started trending on twitter and people from all over the world were trying out this challenge. People looked for unique ways to throw their Vans. Some of these examples include throwing them from the top of a staircase, on school hallways, and even went as far as throwing multiple pairs of shoes simultaneously and achieving the same results. The challenge moved from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps. Other trends evolved from this. People were now throwing Crocs, Converse, and even cowboy boots in the air and saying that this is not just a Vans thing. This ties in with my first blog, the hashtag. One video led to a hashtag which went viral because a lot of people had these shoes and were able to participate in this challenge and share their own experiences. However, not all Vans landed facing up, which led to more videos that called the Vans challenge fake.

Is it Magic?

So what is the real reason for Vans almost always landing facing up? Distractify wrote a blog on this topic, and their explanation for this is “Vans use a heavy amount of rubber on their soles because their shoes are designed to help skaters land as often as possible”. Complex, a website that posts about shoes, music, pop culture, and more, wrote a more detailed explanation to this phenomenon. They interviewed a physics Professor, Jim Napolitan, from Temple University. Napolitan explained “The left shoes roll over the left. The right shoes roll over the right. That would make a lot of sense…The shoe is getting designed to pivot over that part of the shoe. And that’s what you’d expect. If you look at your foot, the inside is concave and the outside is convex. There must be something about the way the mass is arranged in the shoe.”

AND THERE IT IS FOLKS! It’s not magic, it’s science! That is one new thing I have learned this week!

The Source

Often times when we read something, the writer is either trying to inform or persuade us to think a certain way. I remember one of the first things I learned in college about writing is that you should present all sides to your case and remain unbiased. The reader should be able to study all the facts and come up with their own opinion. In order for an opinion to be formed, readers heavily rely on sources and they play a huge role in influencing a reader to make a decision. Most of the time when we are trying to find out more about a certain topic, we tend to go back to the first thing we read pertaining that topic. The first thing we read plays a big part in persuading the reader because it sets a standard to whatever they will read next. I believe that sources from an education perspective, allows us to gain multiple view points on a subject. With trending topics in the media, there will not be just one website  to see what is going on, they will however read from different sources to see diverse opinions.

To read more on the importance of sources, you can check out this article

There has been a recent cheating scandal online about the Kardashians. There were rumors about one of their close friends, Jordyn Woods, along with Tristan Thompson being together. The source for this story began with the main person that got affected by the situation, Khloe Kardashian. Her tweets and comments on social media made her a credible source to the story. However, nothing was said by Jordyn Woods who was directly involved with the scandal as well. At the beginning, the public was on Khloe Kardashians side, but after Jordyn told her side of the story, the public shifted and is now more supportive of Jordyn. We can see here how the source of the news moved between two people. The media has written many articles concerning this scandal but in the end, the original source was the best place to get the most credible news.


Media has rapidly evolved in the past decade. One of the trendiest and most progressive forms of media today is social media. Social media has a strong impact on the way people view things today due to its power to label things as good, bad, or even newsworthy. One of the reasons social media has been successful to impact people is the hashtag. Since the title of my blog is about social media and how it drives trends, my first blog post will be about the thing that greatly aids in driving these trends.
Whenever I’m scrolling through my twitter, I always like to go to the search icon and see what’s trending. Most of the trending topics that I see are supported by a hashtag. In the past, I have used the hashtag to explain my mood, to keep up with trends and to get my posts more publicity. The following are a couple of hashtags I commonly use. #Bored #Throwback #TGIF
 This got me thinking, where did the hashtag originate from? According to David Arnoux, writer for, the first ever hashtag was used by the founder of the Twitter, Chris Messina. His hashtag was #barcamp.

You can

Using hashtags became so popular that other media sites followed suite. Instagram recently added a new feature to its app where you can follow a hashtag and have the videos and photos that correlate with it show up on your timeline. A few years ago, the #IceBucketChallenge went viral as people uploaded their videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and adding #AlsIceBucketChallenge.

 Hashtags can help narrow information down in order to filter out what you want to see. Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have these features. You can simply look up a hashtag and have your feed full of the information you searched for. The hashtags narrows down the research a consumer needs and in turn gives them the specific news they want. The hashtag has done so much to raise awareness for important movements, raise money, and build communities between people who are far from each other. It serves as a powerful tool that can reach millions in a matter of seconds.