How “Cheesy”

Every week I am amazed by the challenges I see online. From the crocks challenge to the triangle challenge, the internet never seems to disappoint. You may be wondering why I titled my blog “How Cheesy”. Is this about cheese? Yes AND no. Here’s why!

This week, I found something both interesting and hilarious. There was a #CheesedChallenge I saw online that started with people throwing pieces of sliced cheese on their dogs. The dogs always reacted confused by the actions of their owners, or simply tried to eat the cheese thrown at them. This evolved into a whole new challenge when people started throwing cheese at babies! Parents from all over started filming their baby’s or siblings reactions to having cheese on their faces!

New York Post said that the challenge began with @unclehxlmes who posted a video of himself throwing a piece of cheese on his baby brother and captioned it, “Just cheesed my lil brother”. The video got millions of views and in no time, other people copied this trend.

The challenge got even bigger when Tik Tok users started doing this challenge on different people. It didn’t matter now whether you threw cheese at a dog or a baby. People were doing this to their parents, siblings and friends.

Once again, we see how powerful social media and a hashtag can be. Users want something to interact and get involved with. Today there are dozens of platforms that are available for people to share thoughts, videos, and challenges. With the increase use of social media, a simple video can create an entire movement and challenge. All you have to do is follow these three steps.

  1. Come up with something unique and creative. If it has already been done before, chances are that people might not be interested.
  2. Make sure that a majority of your audience can easily do this thing. If they can’t do it, they will not want to repost it, unless they are insulting the idea, which is the opposite of what you want.
  3. Post post post! Share this on all your social media platforms and come up with a catchy hashtag to go along with it.

And just like that, your “cheesy” idea might go viral!

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