Media has rapidly evolved in the past decade. One of the trendiest and most progressive forms of media today is social media. Social media has a strong impact on the way people view things today due to its power to label things as good, bad, or even newsworthy. One of the reasons social media has been successful to impact people is the hashtag. Since the title of my blog is about social media and how it drives trends, my first blog post will be about the thing that greatly aids in driving these trends.
Whenever I’m scrolling through my twitter, I always like to go to the search icon and see what’s trending. Most of the trending topics that I see are supported by a hashtag. In the past, I have used the hashtag to explain my mood, to keep up with trends and to get my posts more publicity. The following are a couple of hashtags I commonly use. #Bored #Throwback #TGIF
 This got me thinking, where did the hashtag originate from? According to David Arnoux, writer for, the first ever hashtag was used by the founder of the Twitter, Chris Messina. His hashtag was #barcamp.

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Using hashtags became so popular that other media sites followed suite. Instagram recently added a new feature to its app where you can follow a hashtag and have the videos and photos that correlate with it show up on your timeline. A few years ago, the #IceBucketChallenge went viral as people uploaded their videos to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and adding #AlsIceBucketChallenge.

 Hashtags can help narrow information down in order to filter out what you want to see. Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have these features. You can simply look up a hashtag and have your feed full of the information you searched for. The hashtags narrows down the research a consumer needs and in turn gives them the specific news they want. The hashtag has done so much to raise awareness for important movements, raise money, and build communities between people who are far from each other. It serves as a powerful tool that can reach millions in a matter of seconds.

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