The Avengers

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FAIR WARNING: This blog post contains spoilers of the movie. Read at your own risk.

Today’s blog will be a little different. My topic today does not directly tie into how social media drives trends, however, it is what everyone on the internet is talking about. Last weekend on, the long-awaited movie, Avengers: Endgame, was released last week on April 26th. According to Fox News, the movie broke multiple records on its first weekend. It grossed around $350 million domestically in ticket sales and $1 billion world wide. The last avengers movie grossed around $257 million domestically and this number was exceeded by almost $100 million with the new Avengers. The movie has since had hundreds of memes.

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My friend and I decided to go to the premiere of the movie and were trying hard to avoid getting any spoilers from the internet. Because of this, I have a created three steps you can use to avoid spoilers and get the best experience watching a new hit movie.


Announce on all of your social media that you do not want spoilers. This can be a challenge for people with friends that like to play the “its opposite day” game with you. But fear not, the block button exists for a reason. Just temporarily block the friends that would aim to ruin this experience for you.


Get to the theater at least an hour before the movie starts. My friend and I decided to arrive 30 minutes before the movie showing. This was not a good idea. We ended up getting seats that were near the side. We all know, center seats are the best seats. Extra points if you there are railings in the theater. This means that you get to prop your feet up.


BRING TISSUES. If you are an emotional person or are somehow attached to one of the characters in the film, please bring tissues for yourself. Thanos works hard, but the screenwriters that wrote Tony Stark’s dying scene work harder.

Just follow these steps and you will be set for the next marvel movie premiere!

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